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Mobile Strategy

Whether you’re trying to figure out how your publication breaks into mobile or you feel like your current strategy needs a reboot, our experience will show you the do’s and don’ts, help you select a developer, explore all monetization options and ensure your mobile strategy compliments your overall business plan.  We’ll create the blueprint that gets you on the path to mobile success.

Mobile Monetization

Are you only thinking about how much to charge for your app or the eCPM for your mobile ads?  If that’s all you’re thinking about you’re not looking at the whole picture.  Mobile monetization means something different to every content owner so don’t just follow the crowd.  Could you make more money by providing a cost-free, ad-free app?  We’ll create the blueprint for profitable mobile monetization.

Mobile Distribution

Should you still include Blackberry in your plans?  What about all the noise you’re hearing about Windows Phone 7?  Or maybe you’re thinking you don’t need an app at all, you just need to build a responsive design HTML5 mobile site.  And then once you’ve addressed mobile platforms, how will your target audience find your app?  We’ll create the blueprint to help you figure that out.

Contact us today for a special launch offer from one of our developer partners.  We think you’ll it!